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Eliminate Debt/Build Wealth


  • Manage Finances

  • Eliminate Debt

  • Pay off 30year Mortgage in 5-7 years WITHOUT Refinance or changing your budget

  • Build Wealth

Federal Benefit Specialist



  • Federal Benefits Review: Learn about all of your Federal Benefits

  • Retirement Preparation Review: How ready are you for retirement? Get your Personal Retirement Workbook with your review.

Licensed Life Insurance Agent


  • Coverages offered by A+ rated companies.

  • Term Life Insurances with low rates that never go up.

  • Permanent Products to cover you from birth to death.

  • Funeral Expense Coverage.

Health Care Benefits

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  • OneShare Healthcare Sharing Ministry 

Need A Trust?


Business Merchant Services:



  • No Fee Transaction Processing of Credit/Debit/EBT Cards

  • Free Valor Processing Unit


The Route to Zero Debt

A Genius Method the Banks Don't Teach You

Homeowners across America have been taught that paying on a mortgage for up to 30 years is just something that you have to do if you want to own a home.

The problem with this teaching is that it's simply not true! The reality is that homeowners now have a choice. You can either continue to pay on your mortgage for up to 30 years, OR you can have your mortgage paid off in as little as 5 - 7 years and convert your debt to wealth!

The banks are very good at building wealth with your money. Now, it's your turn.

  • No line of Credit Needed

  • Helps to Pay Off All Types of Debt

Get to know me:

Aloha, I am Ann Marie. Welcome to my page! As an Entrepreneur I am always watching trends and moving with the times to stay ahead of financial turns. That being said, I am also very cautious. We all know that the "tortoise won the race". 


As your local neighborhood agent.......


I Guarantee




Personalized Service


Lifetime Resource


Ben O.

“Ann helped me complete my retirement paperwork and set up my annuity.  I happily retired on July1st!”


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