Ann Marie Patinio


As your local neighborhood agent I am helping individuals organize their finances to eliminate their debts and build wealth.  Who would not want to learn how to pay off their 30 year mortgage in 5-7 years without changing their budget? How would you like to accumulate real estate and build wealth for your retirement? Or how can I guarantee myself income for life from my savings? These are things I can help you with.

As a Federal Benefits Specialist I work closely with Federal Workers here in Hawaii with the support of MyFedBenefits helping them understand their benefits and make sure they are on track for retirement. 

I am Nationally licensed as a Life and Health Agent allowing me to help individuals plan their lifetime needs for life insurance. From Birth to Death.  I am also happy to help individuals looking for alternatives to Health Care, Dental, Vision, and more.  People's needs change as life changes.

As we all age and retire, questions about Social Security and Medicare come up.  I am happy to be able to be the life long resource and confidant to many.

In my personal life, you can follow me on youtube posting unboxing products I buy, new services I decide to use, and videos I make about enjoying life or my journey for self sustainability.  In fact, the picture shown to the right is of my Kalo I have been growing to produce Taro as one of my family's staple resources. You are also welcome to follow my reviews that I like to share on YELP as an Elite Yelper!  I try my best to give great service to my clients because I expect to receive great service from establishments that I visit.


To be fair, to be humble and honest, to treat someone the way you would like to be treated is the neighborly thing to do.  When dealing with protecting people's money, my motto is,


"To Be Sure, the cure is to Insure!"

                                                       Ann Marie Patinio